November 2011

Clonazepam Perscription Online

29. november 2011 at 11:48

Related article: D D D D RP Out Of Sequence �P� Reversal On Partial Fill Transaction 4344 B Partial Reversed Before Completion Reversed � 5.1 Only A reversal for a partial fill transaction was submitted before the completion transaction was reversed. The Replacement TCN Number on the matching completion TCN is zeros. Note: 5.1 Same day inspect dispensing status in order to reverse correct transaction D D D D RS M/I Associated Prescription/Service Date On Partial Transaction 4345 B The Associated Prescription/Service Date is missing (zeros) or is an invalid date when a claim segment with a Dispensing Status of �P� was received. Associated fields are not required on a partial transaction. D D D D RT M/I Associated Prescription/Service Reference Number On Partial Transaction 4346 B The Associated Prescription/Service Reference Number is missing (zeros) and the Dispensing Status is �P�. Associated fields are not required on a partial transaction. This edit does not make sense. D D D D RU Mandatory Data Elements Must Occur Before Optional Data Elements In A Segment 4347 B Optional Fields Precede Mandatory Fields A segment of any type was received with an optional field or fields preceding the mandatory fields. D D D D R1 Other Amount Claimed Clonazepam Perscription Online Submitted Count Does Not Match Number Of Repetitions 4348 B The Other Amount Claimed Submitted Count does not match the number of Other Amount Claimed Submitted fields received on a Pricing segment. D D D D R2 Other Payer Reject Count Does Not Match Number Of Repetitions 4349 B The Other Payer Reject Count does match the number of Other Payer Reject Codes received on a COB/Other Payments segment D D D
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